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Your assets are costly: capital equipment that needs to be maintained; a consumable inventory that needs to be stocked; schedules and costs for staff and contractors; work processes and documentation that need to be recorded – it’s a long list. Tigre de Soleil Inc. is proud to be the producer of the ground breaking Maintenance Connection Everywhere family of products. This includes the most popular Maintenance Connection Everywhere WO Technician modules, the Maintenance Connection LoginHub, the Maintenance Connection DataHub and the Maintenance Connection GIS Hub. This family of products provide a logical system for you to enter, update, and report on all your important data. The drag-and-drop feature allows you to quickly assemble a Work Order. Assign – or reassign – staff or contractors, and ensure that specific Tasks and Procedures relevant to the project are readily available. Summary Reports that detail costs, project summaries, inventory status, and a myriad of other functions – all can be printed or exported to Microsoft© Excel spreadsheets for further evaluation, Maintenance Connection Canada is the sole supplier of our products in Canada and a non-exclusive provider in the rest of the world.

MC Productivity Enhancing Add-ons

Tigre has created a number of valuable add-on programs that greatly enhance the overall value you can achieve with Maintenance Connection. We offer a number of work order related products including mobile and email based solutions. As well, we also offer server side applications to seamlessly integrate and manage your Maintenance Connection© users from within your existing IT infrastructure. Also, watch for the soon to be announced solution to offer easy automatic integration of outside data into you Maintenance Connection© database.

Maintenance Connection Family of Shipping Products







Available Named?


Available Concurrent?


Runs on Cellphones?

Yes Optimized

Runs on Tablets?

Yes Optimized

Runs on Laptops and Desktops?

Yes Optimized

Consulting and System Development

Consulting Services

  • Asset / Business Process Modeling
  • Integration / Data Conversion Services
  • Implementation support / Training

System Development

  • Internet / Client Server
  • Mobile / Wireless


Maintenance Connection Everywhere:

  • Work order Technician modules (2003)
  • Maintenance Connection Everywhere Inventory Count (2019)
  • Procedure module (2017)
  • Admin module (2021)

Asset Pro CMMS:

  • Our first CMMS product(2003)

  • Compatible with MCe

  • Asset Pro Mobile: Shipped concurrent with Asset Pro CMMS

MCe extended family

Other Accruent products:

  • MRO (Accruent's desktop CMMS)

  • Accruent has other CMMS products, but we haven't seen any benefit to them for customers so we have discontinued selling them

Tigre De Soleil Legacy products:

  • Maintenance Connection Everywhere Palm Pilot WOs
  • Maintenance Connection Everywhere Tablet Hybrid
  • Maintenance Connection Everywhere Blackberry email WOs
  • Maintenance Connection Everywhere PocketPC WOs
  • Maintenance Connection Everywhere eMail to WO

MRO, MC Express and MC Technician work center are ONLY available ‘named’ on new systems, however, if you purchased prior to 2018 they were only concurrent. If you ‘upgrade’ to named, ALL the MRO, MC Express and MC Technician work center license MUST be upgraded to named. You cannot run named and current of those products on the same system. HOWEVER: You can purchase all MCe as named and/or concurrent regardless of whether MRO licenses are named or concurrent.

The Maintenance Connection Everywhere, LoginHub and DataHub are Tigre de Soleil Inc. products. Maintenance Connection Canada has the worldwide distribution rights to market it under the names Maintenance Connection Everywhere, LoginHub and DataHub respectively.

Asset Pro is a trademark of Tigre de Soleil Inc. Maintenance Connection Everywhere is a trademark of Maintenance Connection Canada, Maintenance Connection is a trademark of Maintenance Connection Canada in Canada and a registered trademark of Accruent in the USA and 3 other countries.