Tigre De Soleil

Created: prior to 2018

Your assets on your maps with your data.

Show data on your maps live from Maintenance Connection.

No longer have all your information siloed so that only 3 highly skilled people can maintain your mapping information. Allow your highly skilled GIS people to safely provide their extremely valuable quality to the rest of your corporation with the controls you want in place. Security is baked in.

Everyone can see and, if you want, update information via the easy MC UI and view it exactly where and how it makes the most sense for each use case. If you choose to, now or in the future, let specific users or groups of users change easily what should be easy to change while ensuring only the right people make changes.

Yet everyone you permit can see the information you permit that is often siloed in an inaccessible way.

Works currently with ArcGIS, other custom options available.