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Created: prior to 2018

Included support:

Each product comes with 2 hours of initial setup support (unless otherwise specified)

Each product comes with 1 hour of annual support (under SMA)

As the LoginHub family of products have infinite ways they can be configured and used, many customers (but based on history, far less than half) require more Professional Services, and some have required weeks, and a very small number, months of support. When looking at directions that will likely have a lot of support we try to show customers the free options (if any), the medium cost and the high cost and show them the benefits and disadvantages as best we know.

But the LoginHub product by its very flexible nature, for many (but not most) customers requires a lot of Professional Services.

Discounts for multiple databases for the same provider for the same customer on the same server:

If you want the SAME provider for additional databases on the same server (same installation) for the same customer, the same provider is available at 50% the above costs for the 2nd and additional databases. Note, we design and officially support up to 10 databases, but this is not a ‘hard’ limit. We are looking at increasing this through improvements to the UI, but it means currently there may be additional support charges if you have more than 10 databases and therefore require manual changes for practical management. If the dealer can do it, then the charges will be entirely between the dealer and the customer, if the dealer wants us to assist, then the charges will be at our standard rates. For clarity: If you want one provider for 5 databases, and another provider for 4 databases, and all of this is for the same customer, then you will buy one each of the providers (2 providers) and the other 7 will be given a 50% discount.

Products for test environments:

Products for test environments (including test servers and test databases) are sold at 25% of the price and 25% of the SMA. They require you also purchase the same products, or more, for a production server. Note prior to June 2019, officially, test environments were required to pay 100% of the price, so this is officially a price reduction, however we are aware that several customers were given ‘free’ test servers and support – primarily because our licencing didn’t enforce the rules, so some customers will find this a price increase in practice because they were not paying for the 2nd license previously even though they were using it. Test products come with NO paid support, all support is by the hour. HOWEVER: We permit you one time to swap the support from your production system to the test server, so we provide standard support on EITHER your test OR your production, and the other is charged by the hour if needed. Note, in some cases, for reasons that at times are not clear to us, customers have test systems that are set up wildly different from their production servers. In these cases the customer should expect to be charged for additional support on one of the servers (or they might choose to pay full rate for the test server if they prefer, and receive ‘standard’ support on both of the systems they buy.) For clarity, if you run a test database on your production server with for example nlhad03 provider, you do NOT need to buy a test nlh09, you would buy one nlh09 at full price, one nlhad03 provider at full price and one nlhad03 and 75% discount for the test database. But if you run a fully separate system with the test databases on a test server, then you need to purchase a full priced nlh09, a test nlh09, a full priced nlhad03 provider and a nlhad03 test provider.

Swapping from one SSO provider to another (Most common reasons: Because your company just did, or because you were bought out and you now are using ‘their’ SSO provider.)

You can switch to a provider that is equial to or lower cost than your current provider for the cost of hourly support (Professional Services) to do so, you can switch to a higher priced one for the current incremental cost plus the cost of hourly Professional Services to do so. In many cases, users require a 3 to 6 month overlap, in these cases, you can RENT the second one for the conversion time at the rate of 1/24th the price of the higher priced. This scenario also applies when you were ‘bought out’ and you are switching from one, for example AD, provider to the new company’s AD – you just rent for whatever crossover time you need.

Details up to LoginHub version 8.2

Only works with Active Directory and Azure Active Directory. (Note, AD and Azure AD are NOT the same product/interface even though they have similar names. Microsoft was playing off the good will of AD when they wrote Azure AD.) Has a fixed price for the product running on one server for one MRO database for one provider (though it doesn’t fully enforce the licensing restrictions.) Accruent sold a higher priced version that allowed for multiple databases. In theory, to be legal, based on the licensing, if you want to run it on a TEST system, you need to fully buy it twice, though we are aware that no one did it legally, we turned a ‘blind eye’ to people running on a test database on the same server as long as they only did for limited testing.

New, starting with LoginHub Version 8.5

We started shipping this to select customers in late 2018 with a full version planned to ship in September 2019. This is scheduled to ship as general release Fall/Winter 2019. Existing 8.2 and earlier customers will be allowed to upgrade for 12 months at no charge (other than their ongoing SMA) to nlh09 plus one of nhlad03 or nlhazad03.

Executive Summary

Sells as a ‘base product’ plus ‘one provider for one server for one database’. This base is valid for ONE server for ONE customer. (If you are running a SaaS, at time of writing only MC-US and MC-Canada run MRO SaaS’s) you require one base per customer. If you want to run on a test server or test database, the cost is 25% of the production, and comes with zero support (support by the hour.) However, we allow you to use your production support either on the test server or test database, or on the production. In practice, we anticipate customers will use their support on the test and then use what they learn for maintaining their production server. The ‘other’ server/database has support changed ‘by the hour’ including installation.


Enterprise LoginHub Base nlh09

The base product is nlh09, it requires you also purchase one enterprise module (by itself, the base does nothing useful.) You can purchase a second copy for a TEST ONLY system for 25% of the production server price. As above, our included support/install is ‘free’ for EITHER your test OR your production server. The other one is provided as support on an hourly basis. While technicaly you are paying more for your production server (and only paying a token price for your test server) most customers we expect will pay for support on the test server since that is the server you ‘first’ install on, then you take what you learned to install on the production server. If you have an unusual setup whereby you need the LoginHub installed more than once on a server, that is considered a separate server. This includes multiple directories (usually only by companies that host your MRO) and multiple VM’s etc.., If you run a SaaS (currently only Maintenance Connection Canada and Accruent run MRO SaaSs and as of July 2019, only Maintenance Connection Canada runs LoginHub on their SasSs), the price is ‘per customer per …’

Enterprise Maintenance Connection LoginHub providers

All of these providers can be purchased for 25% of the normal price when used against a test database (and or on a test server) where no ‘production’ work is being done with that database (or server if the base Maintenance Connection LoginHub license was purchased at the reduced rate.) AD, Azure AD, OKTA, Ping, Auth0, Facebook, Google etc.., are all competing providers. Our objective is to let you use whatever provider you have chosen and provide the maximum power we can for your choice of provider. If you are thinking about WHICH provider to use, be aware that you have really 4 general levels you can pick from. Ask for more information if you have not already chosen your SSO provider, we have a separate document that discusses the differences between the MC/MRO login, the Accruent MC/MRO SSO login, and the LoginHub options to help you choose the best solution for your needs.

LoginHub OKTA provider for SAML2.0 nlhokta06

OKTA gives several ways to connect to their OKTA product. SAML 2.0 is their recommended method.

LoginHub OKTA provider for OpenID Connect nlhokta03

OKTA also lets you connect to it using OpenID Connect. For the SAML 2.0 product see nlhokta06. While we charge more for the Otka OpenID Connect vs the SAML 2.0, you can get a lot of OKTA for free – but only if you use OpenID connect. So, if you can use the free Okta, the total cost of our product plus the free OKTA may be substantively lower cost than our product plus the paid version of OKTA. If in the future you need to move to SAML 2.0, you can do so for ‘free plus the cost of support on an hourly basis to convert’. This is a LoginHub premium provider. This product is ‘coming soon’ (and will be finished sooner at no extra cost if a customer wants it before we have it done.)

LoginHub Active Diretory (AD) provider nlhad03

This is the ‘non internet’ option we support.

LoginHub Azure Active Directory (AD) provider for OpenID Connect nlhazad06

Azure AD recommends (strongly) that you use OpenID Connect, and it is also their lowest cost option. As a result, we do not currently expect any customers to ask us to support any other connection method for LoginHub Azure AD. But if we are wrong … let us know and we’ll likely be willing to produce one of the others for a price within $1000 of the price of this Azure AD one. This is a LoginHub premium provider.


Many more coming …. Several are under development or under design and we are confident we can deliver quickly if someone needs it. If you (or a customer) has a particular one they are using, talk to us, we are willing for any that are ‘under development’ to finish them at no extra cost for a customer that needs/wants a particular one. These include one or more providers each based on PING, AUTH0, Google, Facebook and more.

Other add-on’s available

All of these requrie you have already purchased the base product nlh03 and at least one provider.

Maintenance Connection LoginHub API nlhAPI03

If they previously purchased nlhapi03, this product contains all the features of nlhapi03, so they can ‘upgrade’ to nlh09 for the difference in price. This gives you the tools to let you go directly from 3rd party software into MCe, MCxLE and MRO without logging in again. This might be from an accounting system for example. You can ‘pass’ us the product (MCe, MRO etc..,) you will use the API to set up your app to be a ‘trusted’ app that we will believe when it tells us ‘this is so and so in the Maintenance Connection environment’. This is a secure process, so only ‘you’ who is calling in LoginHub is a known trusted source, this will be part of the setup. This allows you to entirely build your own custom login page, so you can maintain your corporate look and feel for example, or you may want to give service requestors, such as renters, a custom portal that includes login. This also lets you implement a custom account login, for login scripting. So for example, hospitals often have computers that are ‘logged in’ to an Active Directory account, but that account is not the one that you want users to log into MRO from. This lets you ‘catch’ those and go into a different login process using a different account. There are other custom uses of the API. Chances are, if you have something ‘special’ that can’t be handled by the standard login process, you will want/need the LoginHub API. This software comes with 4 hours of initial ‘free’ support plus 1 hour per year. Additional support available at normal rates. Most customers should budget 5 or 6 additional support hours, but for many (but not most) customers, the 4 hours is sufficient, so we have priced it based on those customers. If you run into bugs, as with all our products, that support is also ‘included’. We are proud to not have many bugs, but if we instruct you that there will be Professional Services (costs) and then it turns out that the bug was in our software, we will deduct some, most or all of the Professional Services fees. There are two ways people buy this:

  • Your IT department is going to do all ‘the work’, they just need us to teach them how to use the API and help when they run into problems.

  • You ask us to do all the work for you, to write the integration. In this case normally we will give you a fixed quote or an estimate that includes the product and the development time.

Along with this, we provide samples that allow you to secure an ‘insecure’ environment. This is most common in Hospitals where the computer is logged in, but you don’t want THAT user to be logged into MRO because it is a too low security (the computer) user and too non-specific (my work-orders.)

Not all features are available at this time, talk to us if you need providers we don’t have yet.

The Maintenance Connection Everywhere, LoginHub and DataHub are Tigre de Soleil Inc. products. Maintenance Connection Canada has the worldwide distribution rights to market it under the names Maintenance Connection Everywhere, LoginHub and DataHub respectively.