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Created: prior to 2018

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The Time Is Right To Connect Your Organization With A Superior Web-Based Maintenance Management Solution

Now more than ever, the ability to manage maintenance is vital to your organization’s success. No matter what industry your organization is in, assets must be maintained to ensure they operate properly. To achieve this, you must have an effective method for tracking and analyzing maintenance information. Maintenance Connection is the solution that will work for your organization. Everything you need to manage your maintenance information is at your fingertips, including asset tracking/history, work order tracking, preventive maintenance, procedures, purchasing, inventory control, labor, and scheduling. Maintenance Connection will support your organization’s maintenance functions now, and in the future. Whether you maintain a single site or multiple sites, Maintenance Connection enables you to give the right information to the right people at the right time. Maintenance Connection’s unique explorer feature allows you to quickly find what you are looking for, making it easy to navigate from one record to another with a click of the mouse. Maintenance Connection is easy to learn and use. The consistent look and feel throughout the system, and the ability to intuitively navigate from one module to another, will add to your efficiency and productivity.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Maintenance Software Vendors?

  1. Service Excellence

    The focus on service is the foundation of our company’s philosophy. We blend personalized service with innovative technology to give your organization a unique maintenance management solution that is based on your needs and requirements.

    Service Excellence at Maintenance Connection is how customer relationship and product leadership combine to meet your expectations and needs. These two elements are key to our service-based approach. Our dedication to customer service makes us unique in the industry, and helps ensure that your experience delivers on the value proposition of our maintenance management solution.

  2. Superior Software

    Maintenance Connection provides a full-featured maintenance management solution that runs entirely inside your Internet browser (without using Java applets, ActiveX controls, plug-ins, or proprietary code running on your computer). This allows you to get up and running quickly – without having to install anything. You can focus on what you do best rather than having to maintain maintenance software. Employees, Contractors, Requesters, and Management can access Maintenance Connection from wherever they are using an Internet browser. Organizations with multiple sites can easily keep their maintenance records in one place.

  3. Lower Cost

    Maintenance Connection is offered on a variety of licensing methods to best met youcompanies needs. To learn more visit our licensing page.

Maximize Productivity And Reliability While Minimizing Maintenance Costs

  • Increase asset life
  • Predict asset failures
  • Improve labor productivity
  • Reduce costly downtime
  • Minimize investments in inventory
  • Lower the total cost of maintenance

A few of the key areas of Maintenance Connection are:

  • Assets
  • Work orders
  • Service Requests
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Projects
  • Inventory
  • Reports
  • Support


Easily build a tree displaying your entire organization’s assets in their corresponding locations. Easily move assets from one location to another using drag-and-drop functionality. Maintenance Connection supports advanced asset records that include ALL information related to an asset including work history. Below are some sample screen shots and descriptions of the assets function:

User Defined Asset Hierarchy


Asset records within Maintenance Connection are organized in a hierarchy that is defined by the user to reflect the physical orientation of his assets.

Asset Work History


All history that applies to an asset is tracked from the specific asset record within Maintenance Connection.

Asset Details


There is support for multiple meter readings, user defined specifications, default labour resources, applied PM schedules and unlimited number of images and attachments.

Documents and Images


Anything that is viewable in a browser window can be attached to your asset records. This includes multiple pictures, PDF documents, floor plans, movie files, spreadsheets, word documents or outside web pages.

Work Orders

Work Orders can be created quickly and effortlessly. In one place you can see the status history, authorization history, and labor that is assigned to the Work Order. Maintenance Connection offers advanced work order management through its ground breaking user interface. It can easily accommodate all the information currently captured by your organization as well as much more. Below are some sample screen shots and descriptions of the work order function:

Work Order


By simply selecting a Requester, Asset / Location, and a Procedure – you can fill out a Work Order in seconds.

Work Order Tasks


The Work Order Tasks page is a part of the Work Order WorkCenter and allows you to define tasks, which can later be flagged as completed, not completed, and/or failed.

Work Order Costs


The Work Order Costs page is part of the Work Order WorkCenter and allows you to define all costs / charges associated with the Work Order. Costs are broken down by estimated or actual costs. The different costs that can be defined are as follows:

  1. Labour (Employee and/or Contractor work cost)
  2. Materials (Stocked or Non-Stocked parts)
  3. Other Costs (Truck Rentals, Meals etc.)

Work Order Report


A Work Order Report can be viewed by clicking on the Print button at the bottom of any Work Order page. The Work Order Report is highly configurable by the user and can be printed, emailed, or faxed.

Service Requests

Maintenance Connection includes a very easy to use yet highly configurable service request application. This is the ideal way to manage and organize your demand work requests. The simple system is very complete yet so easy to use that, typically, no training is required for your people to use it. Below are some screen shots and descriptions from the Service Requester.

Submit Maintenance Request


The Submit Maintenance Request page allows the requester to fill out an easy form, which is user configurable.

Maintenance Request Status (Summary)


The Maintenance Request Status Summary page shows a history of all the requests made by the current user.

Maintenance Request Status (Detail)


From the summary page, a person can drill down to the Service Request Status Detail page.

Maintenance Requester Help


The Maintenance Requester comes with complete pop-up style help. Users can click on the field labels and get popup-help that describes all entry fields.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance schedules can be created by selecting from an online library of over 300 procedures. You can define time and meter based schedules. Maintenance Connect offers very powerful PM scheduling functionality that allows you to base PMs on a time or meter or both time and meter basis, PM generation based on either scheduled time or elapsed time from last PM completion, group multiple assets under one schedule and optionally handle all PMs on one master and even schedule different procedures within one schedule. Below are some sample screen shots and descriptions of the PM function:

PM Scheduling


Great flexibility in scheduling including daily, weekly, yearly, usage and specific dates ensures you can create you PM schedule exactly the way you need it. You can even specify seasonality to make sure that PMs are not generated in the wrong season.

Multiple Assets on One Schedule


You can handle multiple assets on one schedule, with staggered target dates to complete work.



Maintenance Connection allows you to “stack” different procedures to allow for different types of work that has to happen to an asset over a regular schedule.

PM Automation


PM automation provides a choice of automatically generating PM work orders “x” days in advance of the due date or having a message on the Home Screen advising to review and generate the PM work orders.


Maintenance Connection offers an easy to use project tracking module. Simply open a project with some basic information and then assign appropriate WOs and PMs to the project. Below are some sample screen shots and descriptions of the Project Tracking:

Project Details


Various details about your project can be entered including estimated and actual dates, status, approvals and budget amounts.

Project Work Orders


When creating new demand and preventative WOs, you will be able to assign them to open, approved projects.

Project Details


A summary report including all WO costs is readily available. This report can be modified to include drill down to WO details and/or display other details besides costs.


Manage your inventory levels using multiple stock rooms. Generate purchase orders for those inventory items at or below their reorder points. Maintenance Connection offers a full featured multi warehouse inventory, purchasing, receiving and reporting that is fully integrated into the WO system. Below are some sample screen shots and descriptions of the Inventory function:

Inventory Details


All important details about an item is tracked including internal and external part IDs, shipping weight and shelf life, multiple costing methods, etc.

Multiple Stockrooms


All important values are tracked by stockroom including order units, issue units, reorder points, minimum and maximum quantities, on hand, reserved, on order, and much more.

Inventory Vendors


Maintenance Connection handles unlimited number of vendors for each item and valuable information about each vendor as it relates to the inventory part.


More than 100 reports are ready for your use that can be outputted to the screen, printer, or e-mail. You can modify these reports or create an unlimited number of new reports to meet your needs – all saved for your future use.The system includes a “state of the art” report writer that is easy to use, flexible and powerful. Along with the report writer, there are hundreds for valuable reports that can be run as is or modified for your particular needs. Also, because the system utilizes industry standard SQL Server, any outside reporting tool may also be used. Below are some sample screen shots and descriptions of the Report Writer:

Report Set-up


The Report Set-up page gives you complete control over what and how your report will display. You can select the data reported on, sort, grouping and totals, layout, colours, and business graphics. As well, you can set the ability to “drill down” or edit data right from the report and set up regular schedules for printing, saving to file or emailing.

Report Criteria Module Lookup


All reports are first filtered through the Report Criteria screen. The Report Criteria Module Lookup allows you to quickly and easily select a value from a related module.

Report Preview


After running a report and selecting report criteria, the report preview window appears. It displays your report with the selected criteria and has a toolbar of options at the top. The options on the report preview toolbar are:

  1. Print (Prints the Report)
  2. Email (Emails the Report)
  3. Set-up (Report Set-up)
  4. Criteria (Change the Report Criteria)
  5. Refresh (Refresh the Report Preview with current data)

Report Grouping


With the hundreds of pre built and unlimited number of custom reports available, the system provides the ability to group reports together under user defied report group names. This allows you to effectively organize and distribute your reports.


We know the kind of support you need and we’re here to make sure you get it. We want you to be proficient and enthusiastic users of Maintenance Connection, so we assign each customer with a personal Account Manager to handle your every need. At Tigre De Soleil, our commitment goes beyond assuring your total satisfaction. Our goal is to delight you with our services and to take your success personally.