What does SSO mean to YOU?

Tigre De Soleil

What does SSO mean to YOU?

Created: prior to 2018

SSO has a very wide range of meanings, LoginHub works with almost all of them, from the simple to the most sophisticated/convenient:

  • I, the user, have a single user account and single password, and I can use that same account and password over and over on a wide range of applications, but I have to type it in for each application on each device I use. LoginHub works with this level of SSO.

  • I, the user, login to a computer at the beginning of my work day, and that login continues to work on every application I go to all day long. LoginHub works with this level of SSO.

  • And then there is the full administration side of it that most SSO solutions do not provide: Any of the above plus the management of your rights both to applications and within applications. This is what administrators think of for SSO – but, unless all you have is ‘yes you can use this application’ and ‘no you can’t use this other application’ – most SSO solutions other than LoginHub do not provide administration. LoginHub provides a wide wealth of features to work efficiently with this level of SSO.

And some things that are definitively not SSO:

  • Logging on one device, then using a second device and, without any authentication and gaining the same level of logging on. Now, the lines in a practical sense are blurring as devices have face recognition and other ‘non-obtrusive’ authentication options. If your SSO provider now or in the future authenticates across multiple devices as part of their SSO, then LoginHub works with it – because LoginHub ‘asks’ the provider to authenticate the user – the user is authenticated.